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Why Managed Hosting Is A Must Have

March 1, 2021
By: Parm Sondh

A client that’s well educated about e-commerce tools like managed hosting is our best customer. Small businesses need to know how to get the most from what’s offered when it comes to this type of essential service.

This important tool makes your website Internet accessible while storing data at the same time. That’s the high-level overview of what it can do for you. Here are some other excellent reasons why this type of hosting is a must have for e-commerce websites and brick-and-mortar businesses with an online presence.

It Can Be Customized

This type of hosting is flexible. You can choose the product that suits your business needs. Pay for the services that you need at the time. When you scale up and grow your SMB, you can buy more. Make sure to look for must have features like user and account management options. This helps you to keep control over permissions and user roles across your company.

It’s Cost Effective

Costs quickly pile up if you’re looking to maintain your infrastructure and network in-house. Outsourcing this requirement saves money and resources at the same time.

Another one of the features you can’t do without is  24/7 support. Look for access to certified and highly trained technicians that you can talk to or communicate with live.

It Speeds Your Website Up

Research points to the fact that you’ve only got a few seconds to turn a visitor into a sale. If your current shared hosting has network problems, your response time can be reduced. Managed hosting provides both faster speeds and quicker response times. The end result is your business runs smoother and you make more sales.

Managed Hosting Offers High-Level Security

These products stay on top of what’s otherwise a moving target in cyber security. Having a company that specializes in this type of hosting working with you minimizes breaches, hacks and other types of threats.

Look for backup features that include disaster recovery as well as monitoring, cleanup and ongoing updates. There are a variety of other features you should be looking for. These services should handle website caching too.

Getting one of these professional services working for you means all your maintenance tasks will be handled as well. Then, small business owners can spend more time doing what they do best which is tending to their enterprise.

Parm Sondh

Parm has spent more than a decade leading digital projects and establishing effective development and project infrastructures for some of Canada’s biggest companies and top brands.



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