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What You Need On A Web Accessibility Checklist

April 27, 2021
By: Parm Sondh

A good web accessibility checklist is important so your website reaches your target audience. You’ve more than likely looked after messaging and branding and other aspects like your value proposition.

Covering all the bases means serving disabled visitors who want to buy your goods and services. Here’s a checklist that can help you remove access barriers so you’re in compliance with The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Following are a few of the boxes that you should be ticking off. Use structured data to help to achieve these goals.

  • Your website needs to be perceivable. That means that people with auditory or visual and even motor impairments can consume the content through hearing, site or sometimes touch. Here’s a helpful tip you can add to your web accessibility checklist. Headers make pages easier to read for people who’ve lost part of their vision.  Text for page titles should be in H1 format with subheaders in H2.
  • Your websites also need to be operable in the sense that people with disabilities can use familiar controls to navigate around the information. If you have background audio auto play built in, it’s important to make sure people can adjust the volume. Music or speech that can’t be controlled this way interferes with screen reading software.
  • Being understandable to people with disabilities is another requirement. Checking to make sure webpages use your native language is easy with WordPress. You can find this option in  your settings. It will be applied to each page.
  • Another requirement states that your websites need to work across different platforms and browsers.

Other Web Accessibility Checklist Notions

There are some other requirements. It’s important to offer assistance when visitors make mistakes filling in forms. Descriptive error messages are an excellent way to help people with disabilities.

People visiting your website will expect that it acts in predictable ways. If you switch the navigation around and put it in a different spot on every page, people with cognitive problems will become confused. All in all, preplanning will help it to be accessible.

Excellent Payoff

Following these guidelines might seem a little daunting, but the payoff is excellent for business and fulfilling because you’re helping others. You can reach a wider audience because you’re catering to a larger swath of people with different needs.

People will be able to interact and understand your website so engagement will go up. Choosing alternates to multimedia helps improve your SEO. Working through a web accessibility checklist will also protect you from legal risk and any liability from inaccessible pages.

Parm Sondh

Parm has spent more than a decade leading digital projects and establishing effective development and project infrastructures for some of Canada’s biggest companies and top brands.

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