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Generate web friendly filenames for PDFs, images and other assets with ease, ensuring compatibility, improved SEO, and a streamlined user experience.

How to use it

  1. Paste in the text you would like to convert (don’t paste the file extension)
  2. Click “Convert Now”
  3. Use the resulting text as your new web and SEO friendly filename.

What’s happening behind the scenes?

The conversion process includes the following:

Lowercasing: The text is converted to lowercase to ensure consistency and compatibility with web standards.

Punctuation Removal: Any punctuation marks are stripped from the text to create a clean and concise filename.

Character Replacement: Underscores are replaced with dashes, ensuring proper separation between words. Ampersands are replaced with the word “and” to enhance readability.

Consecutive Dash Removal: Any consecutive dashes resulting from the conversion process are consolidated into a single dash, preventing multiple dashes in sequence.

Space Replacement: Spaces within the text are replaced with dashes, maintaining a consistent and web-friendly format.

Length Limitation: The filename is truncated to a maximum length of 255 characters, preventing excessively long filenames.

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