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Our SEO specialists in Markham Discuss Keywords and What You Should Know

January 10, 2021
By: Parm Sondh

People are always coming to our SEO specialists in Markham with questions about keywords. They know the importance of using the right ones, but do not always understand the techniques needed for best practice.

That’s why we’re here. ThreeSeven Digital Inc. has a decade of experience in digital marketing and strategies to help improve your digital presence. One aspect of any successful online marketing campaign includes researching and properly placing these all-important keywords throughout well written content.

Here’s a few things you should know about keywords and how we use them to your advantage.

First, here’s a quick definition. Keywords are topics and ideas defining your content. From a search engine optimization perspective, these are phrases and words people use and enter into search engines to find your goods and services.

As SEO specialists in Markham, there are certain rules we follow to get the most from these important tools.

  • They must be strategically placed. Keywords do their best in places like the body of your content and the title tag. They should be part of the natural flow of the text and never forced into a spot they don’t belong. Long story short, the keywords on any page need to be in sync with what people are searching for.
  • You want keywords to appear in the copy you write and the searches your target market uses. However, using too many or placing them in the wrong location is called keyword stuffing. This is a bad idea because your copy starts to sound strange and draws negative attention from the search engines.
  • Keyword research is the method you can use to find the right ones. The process generally begins with an idea or topic that springs from your products or services or general industry knowledge. The beginning point of keyword research is known as seed keywords. Take a look through competitors’ websites and jot down the keywords you find on a notepad or spreadsheet. After you’ve made a list, you can start looking through metrics like search volumes and other related keyword suggestions.

There are a few other considerations. For example, SEO defines keywords as either an exact match or partial match. As the names suggest, the exact match type is identical to the search query. Conversely, the partial match is partially in sync with some of the search terms entered.

Our SEO specialists in Markham understand keyword strategy and how to use the best keywords to improve your page rankings.

Parm Sondh

Parm has spent more than a decade leading digital projects and establishing effective development and project infrastructures for some of Canada’s biggest companies and top brands.



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