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Why a website audit is important

Every business has a pretty website. But not every business has a website experience that is optimized to best promote their business.  An optimized website can make the difference between someone inquiring for more information or moving on to a similar service provider. There are many different elements that encompass an optimal web experience that effectively supports your business.  This includes:

How easy is your website to navigate?

This is how a user interacts with your website. What is the first thing they see? Is it easy to navigate? How does it look on a phone? Do your website pages follow a logical flow designed to promote action?

Are you getting leads through your website?

What is your website saying? Is it clear and easy to understand from a potential client’s point of view? Do your website pages have enough copy to paint a clear picture of the services you provide?

How easy it is for a prospect to find your website?

How does Google see your website? Does it even see your website?  Does your website show up in search results?

Complete the form and get your FREE audit!

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